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From 28th of May to 2nd of June 2018, MA Researcher “Nada Kamel” participated to Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course which held by International Centre of Underwater Archaeology in Zadar, Croatia (ICUA). During the course, ICUA held a series of lectures with diverse topics from the world of Underwater Cultural Heritage. First 4 days we spent on Roman shipwreck located near island Rivanj where we documented all the finds in one area of the site, while last 2 days were reserved for the Roman harbor in Sukošan where students had the opportunity to excavate with dredges inside the probe and document finds with new methods they have learned. Students have learned how to prepare diving and archaeological equipment, drive a boat, use side scan sonar, use underwater cameras for photogrammetry, document finds underwater and on land, use the water pump and the dredges and many other things.

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