Merna Maher Kolta – 2021-2022 – CMAUCH Diploma Scholar.

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My childhood dream is to become an archaeologist, and I began to realize this small dream and took my first steps towards it, when I joined the Faculty of Arts, Department of Greek and Roman Archaeology, Alexandria University. During my studies, my source of inspiration and passion was my first knowledge of maritime archaeology, my professor, Dr Emad Khalil, and since then my passion for maritime archaeology has increased. And then In 2021 I followed my passion and was fortunate to get a scholarship from Honor Frost Foundation, it was a perfect opportunity to continue my studies and follow my dream.

My passion was the fuel that propelled me forward to learn and discover more about the underwater cultural heritage and the experience I have gained and will gain from the pioneers in this field.
I participated in several workshops, training courses, which greatly contributed to the development of my skills, and helped me to delve deeper into maritime archaeology, and among these workshops:
• I attended a training workshop on 3D scanning, laser scanning and photogrammetry, organized by Ain Shams University, which is one of the Erasmus projects.
• I volunteered in many workshops organized by the Bahar Project, which receives support from the Foundation and serves its goals of raising awareness of the underwater cultural heritage among children and urging them to the importance of preserving it. My passion was the motivation for this participation and contributed to the development of my skills in communicating with children to share with them my knowledge.

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