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Maritime Archaeology Outreach Project (MAOP) (Bahar- بحّار) which is funded by Honor Frost Foundation.

The project’s main aim is to educate children about maritime archaeology, which will have a direct influence on the way they think about the material past, its discovery, significance, value, and protection. Educating children about maritime archaeology not only helps create an informed public but also indirectly educates parents and guardians. So the project objectives are to:
• Introduce school children between 6-12 years to maritime archaeology and marine environment.
• help the children understand and appreciate the role of maritime archaeologists and the different activities they carry out during surveys, excavations, and research. Moreover, to educate them about diving equipment and excavation techniques.
• educate children about the protection and preservation of underwater cultural heritage.
raise public awareness of the value of underwater cultural heritage, including the difference between archaeology, treasure hunting, and looting.

The maritime archaeology outreach project (Bahar- بحّار) is running by a team of three graduate students from the Alexandria University Centre for Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage (CMAUCH).

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Storybook: مغامرات بحّار ونجمة البحار
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