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Bahar -بحّار (The Maritime Archaeology Outreach Project)

Nada Nofal

The project’s main aim is to raise public awareness of the value of underwater cultural heritage, by following a grass roots approach which works from the bottom-up to implement positive change. Educating children about Maritime Archaeology and UCH, will have a direct influence on the way they think about the material past, its discovery, significance, value, and protection.
So the project objectives are to:
•  Create sustainable outreach resources on UCH for a general audience.

•  Organize a series of events in different cities around Egypt
•  Introduce school children between 5-15 years old to maritime archaeology and the marine environment in an age-appropriate approach that teaches basic archaeological concepts and generates interest and awareness of the field.
•  Educate children about the value of preserving and protecting their heritage and to cultivate pride in their ancestral history.
The maritime archaeology outreach project (Bahar- بحّار) started in 2019 and still ongoing.

The project is funded by Honor Frost Foundation and running by a team of students from the Alexandria University Centre for Maritime Archaeology &  Underwater Cultural Heritage (CMAUCH).
Over the years Bahar- بحّار has collaborated with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and Bibliotheca Alexandrina, carried out more than 35 workshops in Alexandria, Cairo, Marsa Matrouh, and Rasheed cities. More than 1200 students aged from 5 to 20 years old have been reached and introduced to the field.

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